Skynet | Validators & Akash

Why we love, “The world’s first decentralized cloud computing marketplace.”

Akash means “open space, sky” in ancient Sanskrit.

The Akash Network is a secure, transparent, and decentralized cloud computing marketplace that connects those who need computing resources (tenants) with those that have computing capacity to lease (providers).

Clients use Akash because of its cost advantage, usability, and flexibility to move between cloud providers, and the performance benefits of global deployments. Providers use Akash because it allows them to earn revenue from either dedicated or temporarily-unused capacity.

So who are we, SkyNet | Validators? SkyNet | Validators was created at the beginning Phase 1 of the Akashian Challenge, Akash Network’s Testnet, to test Validator operation in preparation for Mainnet. Phase 1 began in May of 2020. We successfully completed the Phase 1, Phase 2. Genesis occurred on September 25, 2020 at 7 AM Pacific Daylight Time.

Post mainnet we continued our involvement by participating in Phase 3 testnet in December 2020. We continued into 2021 as a validator on the Akash edgenet testnet. This culminated in the Mainnet 2 testnet upgrade in February 2021 which was successful and paved the way for the live mainnet to be upgraded on March 8, 2021. You can help us maintain our position by delegating your AKT to our (SkyNet_Asgard) node.

We are also helping the Akash community and ecosystem by providing our guide to setting up a Validator. Please visit our GitHub Wiki page.

The Road to MainNet 1

On Telegram: SkyNet | Validators by SkyNet.